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Asprova APS

Achieve the NextGen Lean Production Efficiency with ASPROVA

ASPROVA is one of the most advanced production scheduling applications in the modern supply chain arena. Because of its world class production planning and scheduling capability, ASPROVA enjoys over 58% market share in Japan. With over 20 years of reliability and trust rich history, ASPROVA is highly regarded by its clients across both discrete and process manufacturing industries.

More than 1900 companies around the world have experienced the ultra high speed production scheduling capability of ASPROVA and they rely heavily on it for their day to day production planning and scheduling activities. ASPROVA has been developed on the foundations of JIT/ Lean principles. It not only empowers the decision makers by enabling them to visualize the real time and most updated information but also helps companies to optimize their ROI on supply chain processes by reducing the waste in terms of time and inventory. Most of these companies have reported average 32% increase in sales in the long run as they were able to completely switch from manufacturing based push strategy to demand driven pull strategy with the help of ASPROVA.

ASPROVA comes with three options- Advance Planning and Scheduling (APS), Manufacturing Scheduler (MS), and Material Requirement Planning (MRP), and clients can opt to buy the one which most closely matches their requirement. Supplementary modules like Bill of Material (BOM), Manufacturing Execution System (MES), features like Network License Server (NLS) and Data Server (DS), easy connectivity with all RDBMS and major ERPs like SAP and Oracle, Synchronization capability with Sales, Purchase, various KPIs and many types of pictorial visualization capabilities are some of its many important features that make ASPROVA stand out from its competitors.