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Careers with DataBells

We believe in enjoying what we do, and in doing what we believe to the highest of our ability. Our philosophy is to motivate our teams to defy the “Well Done” and outperform the competition. Our work ethic and track record bears testimony to this belief. With such a diverse and broad employee base, respect is requisite, and individuality celebrated. With your goals and our vision, DataBells can provide the backdrop for a promising and fruitful career in an environment where diversity is believed to be concurrent with advancement.

We thrive on the variety of what our employees bring to the ‘work-table’, and recognize the importance of what individual contributions make to the team effort. These contributions are rewarded and celebrated in order to sustain a healthy work-life balance.

Career Growth
When you join DataBells, you become part of a diverse and dynamic group of people driving exciting technology innovations around the globe. We strive to do our best and achieve our greatest. Our invest in each employee in terms of our time, efforts and money aims at one and only one thing- helping you draw your own roadmap within our company so that we can continue to grow and continue to provide great opportunities for people in all stages of their career path to realize their full potential. Whatever role you assume, you will lead and collaborate, have fun, be challenged and make friends for life.

The “management-by-objectives (MBO)” system of defining key result areas and associated rewards is highly encouraged at DataBells. This acts as a major growth vehicle, particularly to high performers in the organization.

Leadership Development
DataBells has setup Centers of Innovation; Leadership & Excellence in order to help our employees innovate, develop leadership within the company and strive to achieve excellence in whatever we do as a company. In today’s rapidly changing world of technology business, none of these is possible without having a great team, a team that is highly capable of both and internal as well as external collaborations thus Leadership and the teamwork is the most sought after traits at DataBells. Our team-members get to work using bleeding-edge technologies, keep abreast with new technological developments and are challenged to create innovative solutions to solve our clients’ business challenges and help our clients define their IT strategies. Our global talents collaborate extensively to continue pushing the boundaries while driving new levels of value, growth and impact.

When you become employee of DataBells, you will have the access to the same benefits of a full time employee. DataBells offers a comprehensive and flexible plan that allows you to design your own package according to your needs and those of your dependents. We continually review our benefits in an attempt to provide you with many of the best benefits programs available in the industry.

We want every employee to not only achieve success at work but also live a healthy, balanced life. We make sure that our compensation and benefits packages are not only competitive but also reflect the changing needs and wants of our people. In addition to a comprehensive medical, dental and vision coverage for you and your eligible dependents, we also offer life and disability coverage, as well as retirement plans. Workplace wellness programs, paid time off, and bonus and other incentive plans are also a part of our comprehensive offerings.