The cutie-faced LEO babe has got all the capabilities in her to act taking everything in her stride whichever comes her way and she’s had in her kit a few hit films too. Ayesha’s dairy of her co-stars in her films includes all in the top ten in the Bollywood giving her a feeling and making her career in the field worth of satisfaction and pride. And in fact, she’s had a career so bright in comparision with others’ that she’s there to exhibit her capabilities and has yet to produce the best in her. The Bollywood’s got to watch her.

She was born on 28 Jul in KASHMIR, spent a bit of her childhood there along with her sis Aparna and later shifted the family to Bombay for their education settling down there in the end. After her education, Ayesha, in pursuit of her career, had stepped into the modelling arena for a short period before becoming an actress in the Bollywood.

After winning many beauty contests and gaining self-confidence, Ayesha Jhulka decided to try her luck in Hindi movies. She was spotted by many top directors and got some really handful roles in the bargain. Ayesha Jhulka wanted to act and act she could.

Ayesha has a string of movies like ‘Mashooq’ opposite debutant Ayub Khan, ‘Khiladi’ with Akshay Kumar, ‘Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander’ with Aamir Khan, ‘Rang’ with Kamal Sadanah and her hit movie ‘Masoom’ with Inder Kumar. Just when her career was getting a swell shape, she ran across some bad luck and found herself left far back than her counterparts.

But this girl has immense of talent and should again get back her former position in the industry.

All in all, Ayesha has acted in above 35 films and with the renowned actors of the Bollywood


Films Done By Ayesha Jhulka

  • 1990 Neti Siddhartha Basanti Telugu
  • 1991 Kurbaan Chandra Singh Hindi
  • 1991 Meet Mere Man Ke Hindi
  • 1991 Hai Meri Jaan Neelam Hindi
  • 1992 Mashooq Nisha Rai Hindi
  • 1992 Khiladi Neelam Choudhury Hindi
  • 1992 Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar Anjali Hindi
  • 1992 Anaam Meghna Hindi
  • 1993 Kohra Nisha Hindi
  • 1993 Rang Pooja Malhotra Hindi
  • 1993 Waqt Hamara Hai Ayesha Hindi
  • 1993 Dil Ki Baazi Aarti Hindi
  • 1993 Aulad Ke Dushman Shalu Kumar Hindi
  • 1994 Brahma Asha Hindi
  • 1994 Ekka Raja Rani Barkha Hindi
  • 1994 Jai Kishen Asha Hindi
  • 1994 Maha Shaktishaali Hindi
  • 1995 Akele Hum Akele Tum Award presenter Hindi Friendly Appearance
  • 1995 Aashique Mastaane Malti
  • 1996 Masoom Chanda Hindi
  • 1997 Chachi 420 Ratna Hindi Special Appearance
  • 1997 Vishwavidhaata Radha Khanna Hindi
  • 1997 Judge Mujrim Dancer/Singer Hindi Special Appearance
  • 1997 Suraj Ramkali Hindi/Urdu
  • 1997Ghunghat
  • 1998 Dand Nayak Naina Hindi
  • 1998 Kanasalu Neene Manasalu Neene Kannada
  • 1998 Barood Dancer Hindi Guest Appearance
  • 1998 Himmatwala Radha Hindi
  • 1999 Purush Herself Hindi Special appearance in song kahani kismat ki
  • 1999 Phool Aur Aag Hindi Special Appearance in song “Main Gaaon Dil Gaaye”
  • 1999 Hote Hote Pyar Ho Gaya Shobha Hindi
  • 1999 Kohram: The Explosion Sweety Hindi
  • 2000 Khalsa Mero Roop Hai Khaas Channi
  • 2000 Shikaar Anju Gupta
  • 2001 Hadh Hindi
  • 2001 Censor Shakeela Hindi
  • 2002 Amma Roopa Hindi
  • 2003 Aanch Devangi M. Thakur Hindi, Awadhi
  • 2004 Run Shivani Hindi
  • 2004 Jai Jai’s Mother Telugu
  • 2005 Socha Na Tha Viren’s sister-in-law Hindi
  • 2005 Double Cross: Ek Dhoka Sonia
  • 2006 Jackpot Kannada
  • 2006 Umrao Jaan Khurshid Hindi
  • 2006 Janani Urmila
  • 2006 Rakate Lekhichi Naa Oriya
  • 2009 Keshyog
  • 2010 ADA…A Way of Life Hindi
  • 2018 Genius Nandini’s mother Hindi